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The transportation sub-theme of the conference seeks to explore and investigate economic, sustainable, and equitable approaches in transportation engineering and planning.  The increased application of advanced technologies within the transportation domain has been shown to be both a boon and a bane to social and environmental impacts.  Global issues such as climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic are requiring policy makers and designers to consider broader and more inclusive frameworks to ensure solutions are adaptive, resilient, and equitable.  Submissions that consider these policy-trending issues are encouraged.

Transportation Specialty Chair:
Clark Lim, PEng, MASc, FITE


Sustainable and Equitable Policy and Planning

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Land Use

Climate Resilient and Adaptive Transport

Inter and Intra-Regional Freight Movement

Infrastructure Management, Investments, Design or Construction

Active Transportation and Walkable Designs

Transit Planning and Infrastructure

Micro-mobility and Shared Transport

Safety and Speed Management

Zero Emission Vehicles

Big Data and Analytics

Advanced Transport Technologies

Noise, Air & Light Pollution Mitigation Strategies

COVID-19 Transport Implications – Best Practices

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