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The conference will focus on the advances in materials that extend the service life of the infrastructure, reduce maintenance and ensure resiliency, safety, and sustainability. It will also focus on the advances in engineering mechanics that will help understand the behaviour of materials and structural components under different loading and environmental conditions.

Engineering Materials Specialty Chair:
Dr. Shahria Alam, MCSCE


Geopolymers, Alkali-Activated and other Alternative Binders

Self-Healing, Biomimicry and Bio-Inspired Materials

Aggregate Reactions

Concrete Durability

Reinforcement Corrosion

Properties of Repair Materials

Recycled Materials

Pervious Concrete

Fiber-Reinforced and Engineered Cementitious Composites

Concrete of Special and Adapted Properties

High-Performance and Ultra-High-Performance Materials

Innovative and Emerging Materials

Bituminous, Pavement and Geotechnical Materials

Materials under Extreme Mechanical Loading

Materials under Extreme Environmental Loading

Stainless, High-Strength and Cold-Formed Steel

Advanced Composite Materials

Shape-Memory Alloys

Aluminum and other Metals and Alloys

Non-Destructive Testing and other Novel Experimental Methods

Life Cycle Analysis of Materials and Structures

Computational Mechanics and Numerical Methods

Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

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