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Tuesday, May 24, 2022 | 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Conference Attendees: $500 | Non-Attendees: $800

Envision provides a consistent, consensus-based framework for assessing sustainability, resiliency, and equity in civil infrastructure. Fundamentally, Envision is about supporting higher performance through better choices in infrastructure development. The framework provides a flexible system of criteria and performance objectives to aid decision makers and help project teams identify sustainable, resilient, and equitable approaches during the planning, design, and construction that will continue throughout the project’s operations, maintenance, and end-of-life phases. Envision recognizes resource constraints and the diversity of mandates, schedules, budget cycles, and funding sources. Envision not only asks are we doing the project right, but also are we doing the right project?

The Envision Framework is quickly becoming globally recognized as a highly credible approach to sustainable, resilient, and equitable infrastructure. And, therefore, the ENV SP designation is becoming an increasingly important credential for any professional involved in civil infrastructure. Since its inception, more than 8,000 professionals around the world have obtained their ENV SP credential, which has equipped them with the knowledge to apply the ground-breaking Envision concepts to their daily work.

The purpose of this training is to equip participants to use Envision®.

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate how infrastructure can address the challenges inherent to sustainable development
  • Describe the components of Envision
  • Evaluate the sustainability of infrastructure projects using the Envision framework
  • Describe the Envision verification process
  • Use Envision to plan, design and deliver more sustainable infrastructure

You will also be qualified to take the ENV SP exam.

The course will be delivered by ISI accredited trainers, Quin MacKenzie, Bronwyn Worrick and Jill Roth, from luuceo consulting. luuceo is a small, entirely women-owned sustainability and strategic solutions firm based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, with active projects across Canada and in the United States. We collaborate with organizations and project teams to implement sustainability, risk, and resilience best practices. We have worked on infrastructure projects and programs ranging from $1M to $4.9B in capital cost and spanning a variety of delivery models and sectors. Beyond infrastructure projects, we work with clients on an organizational level to develop implementable and impactful strategies to support long-term sustainability and resilience. We facilitate collaborative working sessions with multi-disciplinary groups, project teams, and stakeholders. Leveraging non-traditional approaches to sustainability and resilience, our solutions are driven by holistic, integrated, and process-oriented methods.

Jill Roth

Quin MacKenzie

Bronwyn Worrick

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